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Drybags are essential for kayaking. It keeps your clothes and equipment dry and is a handy way to keep track of your things. First I bought drybags in different sizes. When I made a packing test of all my gear in the kayak, I quickly found out that drybags in size 5 L (Yellow) and 8 L (Red) are the most useful. They are easier to pack in the various kayak hatches and easier to squeeze the air out off. Think of a tray of strawberries - the smaller the size of the strawberries, the less air there are around strawberries and more can be in the tray. I ended up buying five in size 8 L and three in 5 L for my clothe and gear and one in size 22 L (Green) for my tent, gear shed and sleeping mat. I use a 8 L drybag for my sleeping bag and pillow.

Exped Drybags

The drybags shown here is from Exped and is their Ultralight (UL) version. Waterproof drybags with roll-top closure made of 15 D ripstop nylon with silicone coating on the outside and PU coating on the inside. Perfect for usage when every gram counts. Fully taped seams and with a lightweight version of the closure and buckle. The translucent fabric allows you to recognize the contents. No base grab handle.

XX Small
Colour: Lime Green
Capacity: 1 L
Size: 16 x 14 cm
Weight: 12g

X Small
Colour: Orange
Capacity: 3 L
Size: 24 × 14 cm
Weight: 18 g

Colour: Yellow
Capacity:  5 L
Size: 30 × 16 cm
Weight: 23 g

Colour: Red
Capacity: 8 L
Size: 35 × 18 cm
Weight: 27 g

Colour:  Blue
Volume: 13 L
Size: 42 × 22 cm
Weight: 36 g

X Large
Colour: Green
Volume: 22 L
Size: 46 × 25 cm
Weight: 42 g

XX Large
Colour: Cyan
Volume: 40 L
Size: 52 × 32 cm
Weight: 57 g

Preferred choice

I endend up buying the BS (Bright Sight) version from Exped. They have the same features as the UL version, but have a light coloured interior that makes it easier to see what's inside and a grab handle on the base - easier to grab and pull out off the kayak. Always ensure that you fold the top over at least three times to make it watertight.

Exped is a Swiss company that design and build the highest-quality outdoor gear, visit Exped here.

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