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Review: Struer Boats Frej 504

Struer Boats Frej 504 is designed by internationally renowned kayak constructor Björn Thomasson and is the first kayak launched by Struer Boats.

Frej 504 is a highly manoeuvrable kayak and is optimized for greenland roll, surf, play in waves and difficult weather conditions. The kayak is easy to handle and reacts quickly to your movements.

This means that you can sit dry and relaxed, even in hard winds and heavy winds.

The Struer Boats Frej 504 loads surprisingly much and has minimal resistance at march. It can thus be used to ensure comfortable day trips or longer walks at sea and along the coast.

Frej 504 attaches great importance to the details - from the swivel system to the line feed, the best solutions are used and many parts are custom-designed in carbon.

Frej 504 is above all a beautiful sea kayak with elegant lines.

Its hull and sailing characteristics are well thought out, providing optimal conditions for good sea experiences.

Frej 504 has a very low rear tire and is extremely easy to make Greenland roll - try yourself!

Kayak type: Sea kayak, kayak kayak, surf kayak, roller kayak


In general, low kayak kayaks along the hull (ie not pronounced "banana") must have a rudder mounted so that the kayaker has the ability to control the kayak in waves and winds.

Sea kayaks with moderate to high jumps are easier to maneuver with the paddle or by moving the body weight in the cockpit. These more "banana" kayaks do not therefore need help for help - instead they are equipped with a sword that can be lowered and raised as needed.

The sword provides directional stability and is used especially when rowing in sidewinds or in seawater.

Note that many mistakenly name the sword "find" or "adjustable find" - a find is, however, always a fixed part of the hull and can not be raised / lowered.

The English term "skeg" is also used by many.


Length: 504 cm
Width: 52 cm
Weight glass fiber / carbon: 21-22 kg
Weight full carbon: 18-20 kg
Inside cockpit width / length: 38x77 cm
Cockpit height for / aft: 29,5 / 19 cm
Load capacity: 135 kg
Luger: KayakSport 44 / 26cm aft, KayakSport 24cm hatch for, KayakSport 15cm day hatch front cockpit
Struer Boats kayaks can be ordered with special requests for equipment, weight or colors - ask the store!
Sea kayaks are equipped with either rudder or sword (or both).

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