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I always use Greenland paddles. I like the feeling of wood and they are beautiful to look at. Even in winter they are not cold in your hands, they are easier to roll with and they puts less strain on your body - your shoulders and wrists. And when you paddle correctly you nearly make no sound (only the sound of drops of water) which is very nice out there in nature. With practice you can easily keep up with euro paddle users.

I use the Gram 81000 Paddle as main paddle and as a reserve paddle, I use the Gram 8400D Paddle - a two part paddle, see specs below, easy to carry around and use little deck space. I have a reserve paddle since they are made of wood and can break or you may loss the other paddle. Gram Kajak have a guide on how to choose the perfect paddle. Read more here.

Gram Kajak builds paddles, rooted in century-old Greenlandic techniques in different sizes and colors, adjusted to the needs of each individual paddler. Wood paddles in one-piece or two-piece versions and carbon paddles in two-piece or three-piece versions.

Gram Kajak paddles are made of Red Cedar, also known as WRD (Western Red Cedar), the dark tone of the paddle design. The bright wood is Alaskan Yellow Cedar. The cedar brings a lightness to the paddles which protects your shoulders and wrists, while still being a strong material that ensures your paddle a long life. The paddles features hardwood for the edges to make them more resistant to rough use:

Two-Piece Wood Greenland Paddle: Gram 8400 D

The joint is made from carbon tubes, locked together with a standard snap lock. As the hexagonal shape of the inserts, keeps the ferrules from twisting, the hole for the snap lock retains its original shape and thus won’t weaken the latch. Also available in one-piece design.

Shaft: Oval, 31x36 mm (1.2x1.4”)
Blade width: max 84 mm (3.3”)
Length: 215, 220, 224 cm (85, 86.5, 88")
Weight: 850–950 gram (29.9-33.5 oz)

Gram Kajak builds a variety of Greenland paddles and offers international shipping, visit Gram Kajak here.

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